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How To Make And Sell Delicious Cake Balls!
Cake balls are the latest craze in cake baking. In this video tutorial, we show you how to make and sell them. It’s a must have!
Sell Cakes Like Crazy
This course will teach you an incredible marketing plan to sell cakes and attract more customers than you can handle.
How To Make Caricature Cakes And Cake Squares
One hour video that teaches you how to make caricature cakes and cake squares. Plus, you’ll learn many other valuable cake baking tips!
The Best Red Velvet Cake Ever!
If you want people to rave and rant about your red velvet cake, you need this recipe….PERIOD!
The Best German Chocolate Cake Recipe!
I’ve been told by many clients this is the best German Chocolate Cake in the world!
Make Number Cakes With Ease!
For the first time, you can get the actual size patterns to make the best number cakes. Imagine making number cakes for everyone in your area. Get this on special today!
How To Make An Award Winning Caramel Cake!
Andreaetta shares her award winning caramel cake in a step by step video. This cake is mouth watering with her secret caramel frosting.
How To Make And Sell Mini Wedding Cakes!
The ultimate resource that teaches you how to bake and sell mini wedding cakes. Be the “Mini Wedding Cake” Specialist in your area!